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Random Chao Stuff

Chao Dance Mix Sonic 25th Anniversary

Description: The Chao Dance Mix song played at the Sonic 25th anniversary stream! It’s not a new game but at least it’s new chao content in general; it’s been years! All rights go to SEGA/Sonic Team. Listen & Download here! Made by Hyper Potions.

100th Subscriber Special!

Description: Hi everyone, I noticed I have 100 subscribers, it may not be much but it means a lot to me! When I first made this channel I didn’t expect to get much subscribers but then I’ve realized some of you actually enjoy my videos which makes me happy! So to thank you I have made a special video where you will be seeing every single one of my chao on PC. Take note absolutely none of these chao are hacked, I’ve made all of these little children myself!

I got this idea of showing all of my chao in a special from SapphireChao who I really respect and have been watching since I was a kid raising my chao on Gamecube.

You can check out her 1,000th subscriber special here!

Sonic Adventure 2 PC – Chao Attack Character Demonstration

Description: This video is a demonstration of a chao attacking the character. This happens when a dark energetic chao’s affection with a character is very low. No chao were harmed during the making of this video.

Sonic Adventure 2 PC – Chao Update #1

Description: A small chao update of mine in my garden! I might be doing these little update videos more often! Sorry for the lag.

Chao News!

Description: Just a random video of my chao watching the new Chao News channel. This is only 1 of all the news chao can watch! Even sometimes breaking news!

It Doesn’t Matter (Chao Music Video)

Description: Just a random chao music video I decided to make out of the blue. Inspired by another chao music video located here!

Sonic World – Chao World Gameplay

Description: Sorry for the quality. If you want to try out the chao world you can download sonic world v6 here!

Sonic Adventure – chao adventure part 1

Description: If you are wondering what I am using, I’m using a dreamcast emulator called nullDC with dream explore loaded to play chao adventure.

Sonic Adventure 2 PC –  My Chao Garden

Description: This is my chao garden of the PC steam version of sonic adventure 2.

Sonic Adventure 2 battle my Chao

Description: [Old Video] Sonic Adventure 2 battle my Chao. Please leave annotations on for my videos!

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – My chao mating

Description: [Old Video] My Chao are Mating!!

Chao Tutorials

Sonic adventure 2 battle – how to get a sonic chao 

Description: [Old Video] Ever wondered how to get a sonic chao? Well you came to the right place!

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Animal glitch!

Description: [Old Video] Wanna know how to raise your chao fast an easy?! well here is how you do it! 

Sonic Adventure 2 PC – How to install Chao World Extended

Description: Sorry the text is a little fast…but I hoped this helped you install chao world extended!

CGB Chao World Guide – The Goods and Bads of Chao Care

Description: The rights and the wrongs of chao care. This is a very basic tutorial, quite bold and obvious. Don’t worry though, this is just to start off the series. As we go in, we’ll get into more advanced chao garden tutorials, tips, and facts.

CGB Chao World Guide – First Evolution

Description: This is a basic video demonstrating the first evolution. Nothing too in depth yet. Feel free to pause at some points, text is kinda fast. If I’m wrong on something don’t hesitate to correct me in the comments section below. As stated in the video, I do plan on talking about the second evolution and the gradual evolution in later videos.

Chao World Movies

SA2BPC – Chao World Online

Description: Yes that’s right, our childhood dream is finally here. Chao world online!
I’ve recorded this video playing sonic adventure 2 battle chao world with my friend DarkyBenji (Creator of Chao World Extended)

Sonic Adventure 2 PC – Cartoon Lobby Part 1

Description: This is just a record of me raising my chao in the cartoon lobby from chao world extended.

Sonic Adventure 2 PC – Cartoon Lobby Part 2

Description: Took awhile to make part 2 but here it is! Hope you enjoy!


Chao World Mods