Welcome to ChaoGardenBuster’s wonderful list of mods! Before we get started, you should know that; 1. these mods currently support SA2PC (Sonic Adventure 2 PC). These mods are not for dolphin, GamCube, Dreamcast or any other platform. It is only for SA2PC Steam release.

How To Download: 

  1. First, download SA2 Mod Manager.
  2. Extract the .zip file in your Sonic Adventure 2 folder. By default it should be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sonic Adventure 2
  3. Look through the list and download any mod you would like. Once you have the mod you would like place the downloaded folder in your mods folder that came with SA2 Mod Manager.
  4. In case you don’t already have it, you need to download Microsoft Visual Studio in order to get these mods to work. Install that and everything should be fine. Skip this step if you already have it.
  5. Open your Sa2 Mod Manager and click “Install Loader” at the bottom right. Once you are finished, scroll through and enable the mods you would like. To enable them hit the empty box, to indicated whether it’s enabled or not it should have a check mark in the box. When finished, hit “Save and Play
  6. Enjoy!

Winter Chao

winter chao

Have your character chao in a winter colored look!


Magma Chao 

magma chao

Have your character chao in a heated fire colored look!


Alternate Jewel Chao 

alternate jewel chao

Have your jewel chao in a different crystal like texture!


Seaside Hill Garden v1  

seaside hill garden v1 Texture from Sonic Heroes (GC version.) This version of Seaside Hill currently does not support DayNightCycle from Chao World Extended.


Seaside Hill Garden v2  

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Seaside Hill texture from Sonic Generations. This version supports DayNightCycle from Chao World Extended.


Frog Forest Garden 

frog forest garden A forest texture for chao garden! This texture is from Sonic Heroes.


Factory Garden 

factory garden A factory texture for dark garden!


Frozen Factory Garden 

frozen factory garden Frozen Factory from Sonic Lost World! Texture by me and DarkyBenji.


Mystic Mansion Garden 

mystic mansion

A spooky and dark texture for hero garden! Texture from Sonic Heroes.


Pumpkin Hill Garden 

pumpkin hill garden

Pumpkin Hill comes to dark garden! Texture from…well no need to explain this part.


Halloween Kindergarten  

halloween kindergarten

A Halloween designed kindergarten!


Halloween Lobby 

halloween lobby

A Halloween designed chao lobby!


Halloween Pack 

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A Chao World Halloween Pack! Includes Pumpkin Hill Garden, Mystic Mansion Garden, Halloween kindergarten, and Dark Garden 2.


Dragon Road Day Race 

Dragon Road day race Chun-Nan (Dragon Road Day) Race! Texture from Sonic Unleashed.


Green Hill Race 

green hill race Green Hill Zone Race! Texture from Sonic Generations.


Tropical Resort Race 

tropical resort race Tropical Resort Race! Texture from Sonic Colors (hero race only)


Sweet Mountain Race 

6fcqqa Sweet Mountain Race! Texture from Sonic Colors (dark race only)


Jungle Joyride Race  

i2vair.png Jungle Joyride Race! Texture from Sonic Unleashed.


Race Pack  

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This is a pack of all my Chao Race codes!

Beginner Race Secret Challenger:

Here, we have a two-tone white chao named Norcach, much like a two-tone black chao we all know as Chacron. Chacron’s face is always all bored and lazy like not too excited about the race. However, Norcach’s face is all pumped up and excited about the race. Yes, he is meant to be the exact opposite. Norcach decides to show up at the 3rd level of any beginner race to make it a bit more challenging. If you ever felt beginner race was boring, he is here to surprise you.

Buster Race

Buster Race loads at the 5th level of any jewel race where you get to vs my own chao! It’s a bit outdated now and I may update it to v2.1 (2.1 because v2 was an april fools joke) but these chao are really powerful and may be even stronger in the future so watch out!

DareDevils Race Final Release

DareDevils Race is for the Hero Race/Dark Race to make the Chao Race more challenging. If you’ve already beaten New Challenge Race you might want to try DareDevils Race as a bonus. After completing each race you will be granted with a certain amount of rings every time you beat it. It has a total of 8 races for you to beat.

Character Chao Race

This is a race of all character chao! It activates at the 5th level of any jewel race. Unlike Buster Race, some character chao may have advantages in some stats over others. For example, the Sonic Chao may be very good in his run stat but very bad when it comes to his swim stat. Selecting Peridot may be the Sonic Chao’s biggest highlight but selecting Aquamarine may be the Sonic Chao’s worst race.



Buster Kindergarten 

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Buster’s Kindergarten!


Emerald Shrine Garden

20170521211514_1 A texture based off of the Past version of the Emerald Shrine from SADX.


Buster Lobby

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A Lobby Pack with custom Chao Skins and its own save!


Hot Spring Garden

hotsprings 1 A Japanese-like hot spring texture for Hero Garden!