Competitive Chao Race

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What is it?

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Competitive Chao Race is an event often held in Tournaments in order to determine who is the best chao! These tournaments are usually held by ChaoGardenBuster or Mindacos (aka ChaoArcade) in either a tourney of 1v1s or an all out 8-Chao Race with 64-Chao! These tournaments are streamed live on Twitch then uploaded to Youtube shortly after for viewers who may have missed it. ChaoArcade’s Tournaments are made with re-balancing (stat/level changes) in order to make it fair for competitors with low-end chao (grades E-C) and high-end chao (grades B-S). Any chao can sign up, baby chao with low stats will most likely be buffed and adult chao with high stats will most likely be nerfed.

Where do I Sign-up!?

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Players can Sign-up either on Chao-Studios or on A Chao Livechat (Discord group), and can export their .chao files with chao they want to sign-up to either ChaoGardenBuster or Mindacos privately. The chao sign-up limit is often 12 chao each for 64-Chao tournaments but can change.



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How do I export my Chao as .chao files?

You can export them by using Fusion’s Chao Editor and right clicking them followed by clicking “Export“. Please look at this tutorial located here.

Is this only for the PC version of SA2B?

Theoretically, it is possible for GC chao however you would need to convert your GC chao to PC chao. Please look at this tutorial located here.

I have a Chao on PS3/Xbox360, can they still participate?

Yes! As long as there is a way to export your SA2B save onto a external device and into your PC! Look at this video located here. Although the video is for PS3 the same thing would work for Xbox360.

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