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The Chao Adventures


The Chao Adventures is a small chao comic series made by me, ChaoGardenBuster. I do thank my buddy Roaxes who has been constantly supporting me with ideas with some input on the story and has also helped me with the scripts. The comic originally started out as a joke at first but people started to enjoy them, so I decided to continue them with an actual story. Season 1 is completely finished along with Melody’s Adventure, and Season 2 is ongoing!


A  sky blue chao named Melody was chosen to be the mascot for Chao-Studios. Melody tends to have a depression problem circled around her loneliness. She thought this could be fixed if she had a sibling to always be around her. So she decided to adopt one from the black market with the spare rings she had found around the garden. It was a red chao, his name was Flare. He is the main character of the comic. Flare is a chao with a huge imagination that leads to his desire to explore. One day, Flare ran out of the chao garden to explore what was beyond and it lead him to the chao lobby. The transporter was the first thing that he encountered, when he went to go stand on it, it took him to a whole different world. This is how the first comic of Season 1 begins!




Flare is the main character of the comic. He’s a red chao with a huge imagination that leads to his desire to explore. He’s a very caring chao to his loved ones such as his sister Melody. He can get lost a lot throughout his adventures. Despite Flare being a dark chao, he has one of the most kind souls out of all the chao in existence and always thinks about others rather than himself.



Melody is Flare’s older sister. She is a sky blue chao with depression circled around her loneliness. As a baby, Melody would always cry and shake to the fact that she had no friends. However, this started to change around when she got a brother; Flare. She also started her own family with her loved one, Frezy and 2 kids Spike and Mel. Flare is the only chao that is missing from the family so watch as she continues her desperate search to find her brother and bring him back!



Frezy is Melody’s partner and the father of Spike and Mel. While Melody goes off on her own adventure Frezy stays back and takes care of the kids all by himself. Frezy is more laid back and doesn’t get angry very often.



Spike, the eldest child of Melody and Frezy, is a chao that is okay with anything. He doesn’t care too much about other’s decisions and will agree to anything as long as it makes it easier for others.



Mel is the youngest child of Frezy and Melody. She once was a sweet little chao, but is now a rebellious teenager. She hates to listen to whatever Melody and Frezy says and acts like she’s a lot older.



Spooky is a kind and quiet chao. Despite his name, he actually isn’t spooky at all, Spooky just wants to look for friends however since he is an invisible chao most chao can’t see him, making it hard for him to get friends. However, some chao slowly start to notice him if they’re around him enough such as Gold and Topaz. Flare was the only chao to notice Spooky without having to be around him long enough at all and is one of Spooky’s first friends.



Dash, the leader of all dark chao, or at least so he says. Dash likes to give off the leader roll and boss the dark chao around to eventually take over the Chao World group. His minions don’t understand his orders very well and tend to interpret it the wrong way.



The eldest child of Aqua and the older brother of Aquard, Arin got his name by fusing both the names Trin and Aqua together seeing how those are his parents. This chao has a lot of intelligence but can be lazy a lot of the time when it comes to actually using it. Arin likes making fun of his leader Dash and points out most flaws towards his plans.



Blazer, another minion of the Dark Garden crew. Blazer tends to sleep a lot and fall back on important missions. While the others may be chatty, Blazer likes to relax and do his own thing  in the background.



If you’ve ever questioned the reason why his name is spelled Mustash instead of Mustache, it is simply because Mustache couldn’t fit in game! Mustash out of all of Dash’s minions, actually listens to his commands half the time and is reasonable to the situation.



Aquard, the youngest son of Aqua and the little brother of Arin. Aquard got his name because he has an awkward face and with the parent being Aqua the names fused together to create Aquard. Aquard tries to stand out more than his brother Arin by being more active and relaxing. Though Aquard may not be as smart as Arin, he is still quite intelligent compared to the rest and has a lot of potential.



Frowno has a lot of physical strength being a power type but can be a slow thinker at times. Frowno is best friends with Aquard, even though he is not the brightest sometimes, Aquard and Frowno can still get along together just fine. With Aquard’s intelligence and Frowno’s power they make an excellent team.



Presea is a more calm chao and likes to relax in the garden. She does some times participate in the conversations but other than that she likes to do her own thing.


No.1: Another World

No.2: Painful Memories

No.3: Linked Together

No.4: Split Up

No.5: Returning

No.6: Last Visit

No.7: Overload

No.8: The Finale

 Melody’s Adventure 

No.1: The Beginnings 

       No.2 A Hero is Born

No.3: The Leaving

 No.4: The Hunt Begins 

Chao Halloween Special

 Season 2

No.1: Changes Arise


 No.2: Into The Dimension