New Texture: Hot Spring Garden!!

hotsprings 2 A “Japanese-style” texture for Hero Garden! Download it here!

Site Update & New Page: Chao Shop!!!

Chao ShopVarious download links in the modding section have been restored, new Twitter feed widget on the front page, and an entirely new page, the Chao Shop! Check out the Chao Shop page if you would like to purchase some rare chao and for more info on how it works!


The Chao Adventures Season 2 Issue 2 Released!!

Chao2 2-1

A new intelligent group of Chao is revealed and is going around each garden to gather information and come up with a solution to fix the changes that have been going on! However, they don’t know what Flare and the rest do and so Frezy and Flare begin to plot a solution and fix it faster than they can! Find out what happens next!

Read the latest issue here!:

New Texture! Emerald Shrine Garden Released!!

20170521211514_1 Finally made my second Hero Garden texture! Download it here!

The Chao Adventures Season 2 debut!! Comic Page Updated!

comic coverS2

The very first issue of The Chao Adventures Season 2 has arrived!! Join Flare in his latest greatest adventure! Read here!

Comic Page Updated: New comic released!


The comic page is updated with new and improved character descriptions with the final issue of Melody’s Adventure added!


New Texture & Video: Buster Kindergarten!


A new kindergarten texture along with the video for release! Download the mod here or look at the video here!

Melody’s Adventure: The Beginnings

comic cover.png

A new comic has been released! This time we have backstory about Flare’s sister, Melody! Check it out at!

New Section: Youtube Videos!

Youtube Videos

New section on the site! View almost all of my Youtube videos here! Picture by Roaxes


A downloadable Omochao!?!










Buly Chao Demonstration