The Chao Adventures Season 2 Issue 2 Released!!

Chao2 2-1

A new intelligent group of Chao is revealed and is going around each garden to gather information and come up with a solution to fix the changes that have been going on! However, they don’t know what Flare and the rest do and so Frezy and Flare begin to plot a solution and fix it faster than they can! Find out what happens next!

Read the latest issue here!:

New Texture! Emerald Shrine Garden Released!!

20170521211514_1 Finally made my second Hero Garden texture! Download it here!

The Chao Adventures Season 2 debut!! Comic Page Updated!

comic coverS2

The very first issue of The Chao Adventures Season 2 has arrived!! Join Flare in his latest greatest adventure! Read here!

Comic Page Updated: New comic released!


The comic page is updated with new and improved character descriptions with the final issue of Melody’s Adventure added!


New Texture & Video: Buster Kindergarten!


A new kindergarten texture along with the video for release! Download the mod here or look at the video here!

Melody’s Adventure: The Beginnings

comic cover.png

A new comic has been released! This time we have backstory about Flare’s sister, Melody! Check it out at!

New Section: Youtube Videos!

Youtube Videos

New section on the site! View almost all of my Youtube videos here! Picture by Roaxes


A downloadable Omochao!?!










Buly Chao Demonstration